Engraving/Etching Design


  • We offer on-site engraving services for monuments that have already been set, such as adding a name or a date.  Pricing is based upon the size and type of engraving requested.

Sand-Blasted Custom Engraving

  • Every monument’s unique design is sand-blasted into the monument.  In addition to traditional engraving designs, we are unique in offering custom engraving designs.  We work with you to make each monument a meaningful representation of the individual or couple memorialized.

Laser Etching

  • Laser etching is a relatively new technique that uses computer technology to transfer photo-like images onto the monument.  Laser etching has a shallow-depth relative to traditional sandblasting, but the engraving almost replicates the chosen image.  (Black and white and color ceramic photo portraits are also available in a variety of sizes.)

(Click images to enlarge)  You can email us at our “Contact Us” page on the website,  or call or visit our office (254-773-5889) so that we may best meet your needs.  “Drop-In”s are welcome, as well as calling ahead to schedule a time.

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